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Uniquely, the property is an enclave situated inside the perimeter game fence of the World Heritage Maloti/Drakensberg Park, which comprises  almost a half a million hectares of wilderness area stretching from Bushman’s Nek in the SW and running in an unbroken line against the escarpment right through to past Bergville, in the north. This is the largest wilderness conservation area in Kwazulu-Natal right on your doorstep, which makes for superb hiking.


For short walks there are trails on and around the farm. For those looking for something more challenging, the surrounding wilderness is cris - crossed by trails and game paths. The renowned Giants Cup Hiking trail runs close to the farm, there is a clear track running from the farm to the trail. There are numerous bushman paintings and caves within walking distance from the farm. You can look forward to seeing a fair amount of wildlife and birds, especially raptors on these hikes. Snakes to watch out for are the Rinkhals, Puffadder and Berg adder. The common greensnake you might see is non venomous.


Guests wishing to hike  in the Drakensberg Park beyond our boundary,  must be in possession of an official Ezimvelo Wildlife entry permit. These are available in the farmhouse and must be carried at all times by anyone who has entered the park. Failure to do so could result in trespassers  being prosecuted.

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